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Im 17 weeks today and im freaking out my breast hurting I get weird discharge and I'm not feeling my baby move is this normal? and please any advice for what to eat 

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Breast discomfort is completely normal during pregnancy. They are undergoing alot of changes getting ready to produce milk for your little one. As for the discharge as long as it doesn't have a strange odour it is perfectly norm. As for movements depending on whether you have an anterior or posterior placenta that can affect feeling the kicks. If you are worried about the baby I recco mend an at home Doppler to monitor babies heartbeat and movements. As for what to eat just try e atting healthy. Oatmeal is good, boiled eggs, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish.etc. And your doctor probably already told you to take a prenatal vitamin as well. I wish you a healthy, happy remainder of your pregnancy.
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All these are absolutely normal, due to hormones you will have more fluids in your body in general. And if this is your first pregnancy it can sometimes take up to 24 weeks to feel anything. And they say girls also kick less on average, so if you're having a girl that may be something to keep in mind. 

The cramping is likely from your uterus and muscles trying to stretch to make room for your growing baby. 

In regards to eating, just try and take care of yourself. Eat several small meals throughout the day and try and stick to healthy meals when you can. In general, just do what you feel is good, but try not to skip any meals. 

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