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My last period was in February, but my belly looks about four months and I can feel my baby kicking and fluttering kicks are strong. Can you help me determine how many months or weeks pregnant I am?
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It is common for women to have different rates of growth during pregnancy, so it can be challenging to determine the exact number of weeks or months based solely on belly size. However, feeling your baby's movements can provide some insight into your pregnancy duration. At around 18-25 weeks, you may start feeling fluttering kicks, which gradually become stronger as your baby grows. Considering this information, it is likely that you are around 4-5 months pregnant. To get a more accurate estimation, it is recommended to consult with your healthcare provider who can perform an ultrasound or physical examination to determine the gestational age of your baby.

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My last period was February 14th and I am currently 6 weeks and 6 days. You calculate from the first day of your last period unless you know the actual conception date. This early on you are most likely only experience flutters of has not baby. The baby is way too little to feel.

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