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Why is my husband hesitant to engage in sexual activity while I'm pregnant, even though he insists he is still attracted to me? Can anyone help me understand his perspective?
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It is not uncommon for some men to experience a decrease in sexual desire during their partner's pregnancy. There can be several reasons behind this change, including concerns about the baby's safety, fear of hurting the mother, anxiety about the changes happening in her body, or simply feeling less comfortable with the idea of sex during pregnancy. It is important to have an open and honest conversation with your husband to understand his specific concerns and reassure him that it is normal for sexual desires to fluctuate during this time. Exploring alternative ways of intimacy and finding ways to connect emotionally can help maintain a strong bond between you both during this period. Additionally, seeking professional guidance from a therapist or counselor who specializes in couples' issues may provide valuable insights and support for both of you.

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I am in the very same boat, girls. What's worse for me, though, is that my husband has an addiction to porn. So not only do I not get to have sex but I have to live with the knowledge that he would rather watch a DVD than have sex with a real life person (i.e., me). We had a huge fight about it. He also says he doesn't want to hurt the baby and he doesn't seem to understand how unattractive I feel and how his attitude isn't helping. After birth there will be recovery and after that there just won't be time. We are screwed...and yet, not at all.

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Ha, I feel your pain. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and while my husband claims how attractive he finds me, he doesn't have the same sex drive he used to, which is what we really need right now with all the insecurities of our ballooning bodies. I know his drive is dead because I'm huge and he tells me how beautiful it is that we're having a baby together. Today, we tried intercourse and he got weirded out and said he thought he felt himself "bumping" the baby's head. I was told that was impossible, but talk about a moodkiller.... I've not had an orgasm since I was five months along, but remaining sexually active makes me feel sexy even though I'm the size of a whale. From time to time, we turn off the lights and try a different sex position so he can't feel or see my belly. It's not anything against you, hon. It's all in his head. It might hurt your heart a little now, but it only lasts for nine months out of an entire lifetime together.

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