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I have had 3 children via c-sections. On my fourth pregnancy, I have felt some kind of movement since about 8 weeks. Is it possible it is the baby or could it be something else like my weakened uterus contracting? I'm also considering if I might be mistaken about the date. I want to explore potential causes for the movements I've been feeling from my uterus.
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It is uncommon to feel fetal movement before 12 weeks, as most women start feeling it between 18-25 weeks of pregnancy. However, every woman's experience can vary. In your case, feeling some kind of movement at around 8 weeks could be due to various factors.

One possibility is that what you're feeling is not actually fetal movement but rather your weakened uterus contracting. After multiple c-sections, the uterine muscles may become weaker and more prone to contractions. These contractions can sometimes mimic the sensation of fetal movement.

Another possibility is that you might be slightly off on your dates. It's not uncommon for women to miscalculate their due date, especially if their menstrual cycles are irregular or if they're unsure about when conception occurred.

If you're certain about the timing and suspect that what you're feeling is indeed fetal movement, it's best to consult with your healthcare provider for a proper evaluation. They can perform an ultrasound or physical examination to determine the cause of these sensations.

In any case, keep in mind that each pregnancy is unique and what you're experiencing may differ from previous pregnancies. If there are no other concerning symptoms such as pain or bleeding, it's likely that everything is progressing normally.

Remember to discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider who can provide personalized advice based on your medical history and current situation.

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I am 12 weeks pregnant as well and for awhile now I have been feeling small but very rapid movements in my uterus. They almost feel like popcorn popping or vibrations. I know it is not gas because I know what gas feels like. I've been driving myself crazy trying to find out if it's the baby or something else! This will be my first pregnancy so I am not sure. I hope that helped a little! 
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I'm 6 months (23 weeks) having my first baby and it's a girl and I was able to feel her moving and kicking since my 8th week of pregnancy... every pregnancy is different and so is the woman... it is normal for u to feel it that early.... cuz I asked my doctor the same thing... she told me that yes it is normal to feel it that early....

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