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I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant and wondering when I should start feeling my baby move. Is it normal to not feel any movement yet at this stage of pregnancy? What factors can affect when I will start feeling the baby's movements?
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Feeling your baby move is an exciting milestone in pregnancy, but it may vary for each woman. Most women start feeling their baby's movements between 18 and 25 weeks of pregnancy. However, at 12 weeks, it is still considered early to feel any distinct movements. The timing can be influenced by several factors such as the position of the placenta, the location of the uterus, and whether or not this is your first pregnancy.

If you have had a previous pregnancy, you might recognize the sensations earlier than first-time moms because you are more familiar with what to expect. Additionally, if your placenta is positioned towards the front (anterior placenta), it may act as a cushion and make it harder to perceive fetal movements until later in pregnancy.

It's important to note that every pregnancy is unique, so don't worry if you haven't felt any movement yet. As your baby grows and develops, you will eventually start noticing those gentle flutters or kicks. If you have concerns about not feeling any movement after 25 weeks or if there are sudden changes in your baby's activity level, consult with your healthcare provider for reassurance and guidance.

Remember that feeling your baby move regularly is a positive sign of their well-being. Enjoy this special connection with your little one as they grow inside you!

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18-22 weeks might feel quickening a week or two sooner

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Between 16 to 22 weeks. I felt my baby move at 22 weeks. Every baby is different so 

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I feel it now!(: I'm 17 weeks almost 18. It feels like a twitching nerve in your tummy! Or rumbles/butterflies in ur tummy 

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I started feeling my baby kicks at 18 to 19 weeks, give it some time

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